Women on a Roll

About Women on a Roll

The objective of the Women on a Roll Program is to create a community of women who are trained and skilled at growing the confidence and skills of others. Although open to all women who ride bicycles it is hoped that after completing the program the individual will become a bicycle ambassador to their personal community. When you can fix a flat all the neighbors come around.

The graduates will represent WOAR, Wheelhouse, and related organizations as leaders and experts in bicycle maintenance, repair, safety and training.

Research shows that to make the most rapid cultural changes the women are the foundation. If the women buy in and begin to make the change, families follow quickly. Thus engaging women in bicycle safety and use grows cycling within the community.

Being confident with the maintenance of and safe use of a bicycle also provides women with an alternative transportation option. Most of the Tri Cities can be navigated by bicycle and the course teaches how to find the best routes. Adding a bike as transportation can open opportunities for jobs and interests for those with limited incomes.

The results of this program show that becoming skilled at something of interest can increase confidence in the participant. Creating independence and self worth through the successes in the program.

Confident bicycling women with options can change lives.



Ready to Ride – This beginner level course is for the woman who has never ridden a bike or is returning to riding after a long absence. Using a balance bike participants learn to balance, steer, and gain confidence on the seat. They are then moved to a pedal bike and learn to propel themselves forward. Participants also learn how to choose the correct bike, and basic on road safety. This could be a precursor to Women on a Roll 1.

Back to the Bike – We often hear “I haven’t been on a bike since childhood.” or “It has been years since I rode a bike.” Many of us left our childhood bikes behind and are now looking for a low impact way to exercise. This course gives participants the opportunity to learn about advances in bike technologies, how to choose the correct bike for them, and most of all gets them riding again. Basic on road safety is covered. This could be a precursor to Women on a Roll 1.

Women on a Roll I – This course is for a person who has bicycled and is looking for more confidence or is looking to ride more regularly. The course includes 3 segments. 1) League of American Bicyclists, Traffic Skills 101 program for safe on road riding, 2) bicycle riding safety skills (on bike training), 3) based on Park Tools beginning bicycle mechanics. When the participant completes the class, they will be able to ride in an urban setting comfortably, and maintain their bike.

Women on a Roll II – Intermediate Mechanics – If you want to get into fixing your bike or doing maintenance this is the course for you. It is the follow on for WoaR i. This Park Tools Intermediate Mechanics course includes repair of most major systems on the bike, focusing on those that are most often the causes of unfinished rides. When a participant completes this course they can fix brakes, chains, derailleurs, and of course tires.