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Queensgate Southwest Park & Ride to Tap and Barrel

Ride Highlights

This protected path ride along Keene Road gives you a ride with a nice destination and safe easy traveling.   Although you are in a retail area, you will want to pack water, and plan for other items you require on your ride.  If it’s warm out the Splash Park near Englewood might be a good stop, bring a towel.   

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Starting from the park and ride lot at Windmill and Columbia Park Trail.  Move out of parking lot onto Windmill Road.    
  2. Cross Columbia Park Trail using the cross walk. 
  3. Turn Right onto the sidewalk and ride a short distance to the west.   
  4. Take a left (south) on the Multi-Use Path just before Queensgate Drive. 
  5. Left (east) on Multi-Use Path just before Keene Road. 
  6. Stay on the path until the mall right before Leslie Road.  
  7. Crossings include Englewood Dr, Elementary Street,  
  8. Right onto path extension toward Tap & Barrel & Safeway. 
  9. End or Return.  

Ride Type

Protected Path Ride mostly on protected path either multi-use or bicycle only.  Key components may include: riding on narrow pathways, debris on path, sharing the path with walkers, riders, scooters, pedestrians entering the path at points other than intersections.  Crossing of streets that may include stop signs or traffic lights.  There may be obstacles on or along the path.  

Points of Interest