Memberships & Sponsorships

Membership & Sponsorship Levels

Daily and Annual Memberships

Daily and Annual Memberships are our most common type of membership. Due to insurance requirements, all visitors must be a member of the organization, therefore we offer a Trial Day Membership to try Wheelhouse or participate in our rides while being covered.

Can’t afford or need help with a membership? Our sustaining members and sponsors help cover the costs of memberships for those in-need. Please fill out this form and we’ll review your request. Requests can be filled out by the prospective member or by a third party on their behalf.

Trial Day Member

Member for a Day
$ 15 Daily
  • One Hour of Stand Time
  • $10/Hr Extra Stand Time
  • Participate in Rides

Basic Member

One Individual Membership
$ 40 Annually
  • $10/Hr Stand Time
  • Participate in Rides
  • Access to Classes

Basic Household Member

Up to Five Individual Memberships
$ 100 Annually
  • $10/Hr Stand Time
  • Participate in Rides
  • Access to Classes

Sustaining Members and Sponsors

Sustaining Members and Sponsors receive all of the same benefits as regular members of Wheelhouse; but these monthly recurring memberships provide exponentially more benefit to our ongoing mission. Sustaining members and sponsors offset the costs of business to provide direct charitable contribution to others in our community.

Your Contribution Helps Us To

Sustaining Member

One Individual Membership and Sponsorship
$ 20 Monthly
  • $10/Hour Stand Time
  • Sponsors Shop Activities
  • Tax Deduction

Sustaining Household Member

Five Individual Memberships and Sponsorship
$ 40 Monthly
  • $10/Hr Stand Time
  • Sponsors Shop Activities
  • Tax Deduction


Sponsorship and Memberships for All Staff
TBD Monthly or Annually
  • Includes Staff Memberships
  • Negotiable Class Fees
  • Tax Deduction


In Shop Earn-A-Bike – The participants work in the Wheelhouse shop refurbishing bicycles donated to Wheelhouse. At this time an Earn-A-Bike session must be sponsored by an organization that shares the responsibility for attendance and compliance with shop etiquette.

On Location Earn-A-Bike – The participants work at their location to refurbish bicycles donated to Wheelhouse. The sponsoring organization/location assures that participants meet attendance requirements and comply with shop etiquette.