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Hansen Park to Highland Grange Park

Ride Highlights

This urban neighborhood ride takes you through mature west Kennewick neighborhoods along lightly used streets lined with trees.  Prepare for a few high visibility crossings of moderate to high traffic roads and two short but steep hills.  May not be suitable for very young kids or inexperienced riders.  

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Step by Step Guide

Starting from the parking lot off Columbia Center Blvd at Hansen Park, cross over Columbia Center Blvd to 7th Ave. (For a more direct, on-street route using bike lanes or sidewalks, and traffic light crossings, begin at the parking lot on the west side of Hansen Park. Ride north on Georgia St, Take a right on 4th Ave and ride 1.4 miles to Kellog.  Turn right at Kellogg and ride just over a mile to turn left on 20th and meet up with step 9 below.) 

  1. Ride east on 7th Ave, jogging slight left then slight right.  
  2. Right on Wilson Street 
  3. Left on 8th Ave. 
  4. Right on Taft St, follow around curve to the left and cross 10th avenue to stay on Taft.  The crossing on 10th avenue has good visibility but no traffic management, so take care in crossing.  Wait for a big break in traffic and consider walking bikes across. 
  5. Right on Roosevelt St. 
  6. Right on 15th Ave.  
  7. Left on Taft St. Up a short, steep hill to 20th. Bikes without gears may need to walk. 
  8. Left on 20th Ave.  Take 20th Ave across Kellogg St. to Kellogg Place. 
  9. Left on Kellogg Place, following the curve as it turns into 19th Ave.  
  10. Left on Jefferson St which turns into 18th Ave and continues through the traffic circle at Irving. 
  11. Right on Dawes St.  
  12. Left on 19th Ave.  
  13. Left on Arthur St. and into Highlands Grange Park.  Stop and enjoy the flowers! 
  14. End or Return.  

Ride Type

Neighborhood Streets and/or Sidewalks Ride mostly on neighborhood streets. Key components¬†include¬†onstreet riding, cars parked along street, stop signs, light traffic¬†in neighborhoods, 2¬†short but steep hills¬†–¬†bikes without gears and may require walking.

Urban Street Ride on city streets. Key components may include: riding on double and multi lane streets, vehicle traffic, stop signs and traffic lights, turn lanes, bike lanes, vehicles entering roadways, traffic circles, high visibility crossings of moderate to high traffic roads Рconsider getting off the bike and walking across.

Points of Interest