Get You Rolling

About Get You Rolling

This program is designed to provide on-location services to the community while teaching basic on road repair skills to participants.

The “Get You Rolling” event includes mechanics, tools, bike stands, and of course tire fixin’ stuff. As the team goes out to the sponsored location they look forward to both getting bikes back in action and teaching riders how to fix it next time.

This free service sponsored by Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop and our partners provides tubes, flat resistant fluid, and the tools to repair tire issues. They also do basic brake adjustments and other small “fixes” to ensure bikes are as safe as they can be.

As we experience the “in place” repair event community members of all ages arrive with their disabled bikes. Frequently we see the more eager participants helping others of their community to do the repair. Wheelhouse volunteers oversee the activities and encourage learning by all.

If you are interested in partnering in a “Get You Rolling” event for your neighborhood, organization, or community, please contact us at: learn [at]

Past Get You Rolling Event Locations