About Earn-A-Bike

The Earn-A-Bike program has two objectives. 1) Get bicycles to individuals who may not have access to a bicycle for any reason. 2) Develop skills for life as part of a successful mechanical experience.

This program works with individuals to learn bicycle repair. Working with bicycles donated to Wheelhouse, the participant learns to assess the mechanical condition of a bicycle, to clean the bicycle, and to disassemble and reassemble key mechanical systems on the bike. Refurbished bikes must meet the standards required for donation or sale by Wheelhouse.

Students learn basic on road bicycle safety and bike handling skills as a part of the program. They do parking lot skills practice and short group rides that allow them to gain confidence on a bicycle.

Participants attend the class as determined by the sponsor of the program, and upon completion of the program receive a bicycle of their own. Experience in the program indicates that a percentage of the participants actually donate their “Earned” bicycle to family member so they can ride together.

This course has been targeted to youth ages 12 to 20. They adapt well to the casual shop setting and gain confidence quickly as they succeed in bringing the bicycles back to a ridable state.


In Shop Earn-A-Bike – The participants work in the Wheelhouse shop refurbishing bicycles donated to Wheelhouse. At this time an Earn-A-Bike session must be sponsored by an organization that shares the responsibility for attendance and compliance with shop etiquette.

On Location Earn-A-Bike – The participants work at their location to refurbish bicycles donated to Wheelhouse. The sponsoring organization/location assures that participants meet attendance requirements and comply with shop etiquette.

Online Earn-A-Bike – We have an online Learn+Earn-a-Bike program for kids aged 10-17 as part of our Trips for Kids program. Contact our Trips for Kids Chapter Director at TripsForKids@Wheelhouse.Bike for more information.