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COVID-19 Protocols

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop prides itself on making cycling accessible to everyone, and ensuring access for all during a pandemic presents unique challenges. We’re following the Washington State Safe Restart proclamation and regional, state, and federal health resources to ensure that limited access to the shop and later full access remains safe for everyone.

Access by Appointment
The shop will be open for bike sales by appointment only until further notice. Benton County remains in Phase I of the Safe Restart plan, and while recreational retail has begun to reopen we’re ensuring as much social distancing as possible to protect our volunteers, members, and customers. As part of the expanded authority of Governor Inslee’s order, those that will not or can not wear a mask will not be permitted into the shop (even with an appointment). We will however provide reasonable accommodation by bringing things to you outside of the shop as practical.

Steps for Access by Appointment:

  1. Fill out our pre-appointment screening form
  2. Answer screening questions before entering the shop
  3. Wear a mask (or cloth face covering) and gloves (an extremely limited supply of reusable masks and gloves are available)
  4. Follow the instructions of the volunteer on duty at all times
  5. Be ready to leave at the end of your appointment time.

We are proud of the customer service standard that our mechanics and shop stewards have delivered week after week. Everyone at Wheelhouse is a volunteer. They have a right to refuse any request that makes them uncomfortable or concerned for their safety.