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Chiawana Park to Wade Park

Ride Highlights

This light riverfront trail ride takes you on a portion of the Sacagawea Heritage Trail along the north side of the Columbia River. The multi-use paths provide a smooth, wide and gently rolling surface for your family. Enjoy the river views, waterfowl, and mature trees as you travel along. Watch for the Bald Eagles, Hawks, and other birds of prey known to nest in the area.

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Starting from the parking lot at the west end of Chiawana Park (Road 94), move to the east toward the boat ramp along the path.
  2. Continue on the path across the boat launch access road,
  3. At the T intersection, take a right on the Multi-Path
    Stay on the path along the river until it ends on Road 54
  4. Right on Road 54,
  5. Left into the Wade Park parking area.
  6. End, Continue through Wade Park, or Return.

Ride Type

Ride mostly on protected path either multi-use or bicycle only. Key components may include: riding on narrow pathways, debris on path, sharing the path with walkers, riders, scooters, pedestrians entering the path at points other than intersections. Crossing of streets that may include stop signs or traffic lights. There may be obstacles on or along the path.

Points of Interest