Bike-In Movie Nights F.A.Q.

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May 8, 2018
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May 8, 2018

The Bike-In Movie Night is just around the corner, and we wanted to share a few bits of information ahead of the event!

Do I need a bike to participate?

Nope! You’ll need a bike to participate in the ride, but you’re welcome to just drive/walk/skateboard over and hang out for the food, festivities, and movie. Wheelhouse will have a limited number of cruisers available for rent for $5.00 for the ride if you don’t have your own bike (first-come, first-serve).

Do I need a helmet to participate?

YES! If you’re riding with the group, you must wear a helmet. While not the law, it is a requirement of our insurance and we want to be able to keep doing these rides. PLEASE wear a helmet. You will be asked to leave the group ride if you refuse to wear a helmet. Youth helmets are available for free (to keep) while supplies last.

Can I have a bicycle light set if I don’t have my bike?

Unfortunately, we cannot give out bicycle light sets to those without a bike present at the event. To ensure participants only get one light set per bike, we will be helping you affix the lights to your bike at the event.

Will we be crossing streets or riding on-street?

The family friendly ride will only be on-street for a short trip through The Parkway and a guided crossing across George Washington Way into Howard Amon Park. Participants will otherwise be on the multi-use trail.

The extended ride towards Chamna Reserve and along Jadwin will be on-street, and is on-street at the rider’s own discretion.