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2021 Board of Directors

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is pleased to announce it’s 2021 Board of Directors and slate of officers.  The 2021 nominees were put forth and voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting on December 13.  The officer nominees were put forth and voted on at the January Board of Directors Meeting January 24.

Based on the organizational by-laws there are a possible five to nine Board of Director positions.  This year there were five positions expiring.  2020 board members Gary Davis and Emelye Weimer chose to step down.  Their service has been key to the success of the organization, and their presence on the Board will be missed.  They look forward to their member status. We thank them for their contributions.

Existing Board members Ken Schmidt, Miles Thomas, and Francesca Maier were nominated to retain their positions.

New to the Board this year is Adam Spencer.  Adam has been a key volunteer the last two years and brings skills in safety, mechanics, and organizational principles to the position.  One position remains open.

We welcome the returning and new board members.  If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors contact Maggie or Miles at or

Board members nominated for offices and voted in by the Board of Directors at the January 24, 2021 Board Meeting include: President: Maggie Vincent, Vice-President: Adam Spencer, Secretary: Miles Thomas, Treasurer: Ken Schmidt.  The organization is looking forward continuing to move in 2021.   Watch the calendar for details, Board meetings are open to all members.