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A cooperative (co-op),

is a group or people or community that work together for mutual benefit. Instead of central or private ownership each member is an owner. You may be familiar with the local Mid-Columbia Market at the HUB or WinCo Foods. Both are examples of cooperatives.

A bicycle co-op would look similar to a bike shop and offer similar services. However, a bicycle co-op would allow the members to drive the products, classes, community programs including youth programs, bike recycling, volunteer events, and advocating for the growing the Tri-Cities bicycling community.

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Build a better bicycle community.

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is a nonprofit community cooperative offering a full-service shop, brands you don’t see every day, and rentals less than a mile from bike trails. Whether you bike 3 miles or 100, we’ll get your whole family ready to roll! Stop in for tune-ups, half- or full-day rentals, customized bike and seat-fitting services, accessory sales, and regional biking information. Take a moment to chat while we tune your bike until it’s good as new. We are exploring the feasibility of a community bike shop in the Tri-Cities. Modeled after Bike Works in Seattle or the Boise Bicycle Project in Idaho, it will be as unique as the Tri-Cities.

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