Where we started

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop was founded out of a group of friends and cyclists, with the intent to transform an existing bicycle shop in to a true community owned cooperative bicycle shop; Tri-Cities Bicycle Co-Op. The group, including the former owner of Liberation Bike Shop, came together in late 2016 to form a board and put in place a transition plan to create the cooperative with the intent to build a better community through cycling.

Utilizing the assets and customer base from Liberation Bike Shop, the team dissolved the existing for-profit shop and began to purchase it’s inventory. Utilizing a Indiegogo Campaign, the team fundraised nearly $3,500 online and an additional $2,000.00 in-person or in-kind donations.

After the campaign, the team formed the cooperative as Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop; the co-op offers services, products, and facilities to all visitors, but also unique benefits to the membership.

The co-op is a center for all cyclists and bike riders, but welcome those who may have an interest in starting to bike, getting back into cycling, or are looking for biking as a means of transportation. Everyone is welcome with a goal of inclusiveness and reflecting our diverse community.

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop’s goals are to expand bicycle usage and knowledge by providing public access to educational materials, workspace, and tools/parts through a member owned and supported central location, and invite the community to Learn, Repair, and Ride.

Our mission

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop is a nonprofit community cooperative offering a full-service shop, brands you don’t see every day, and rentals less than a mile from bike trails. Whether you bike 100 feet or 100 miles, we’ll get your whole family ready to roll! Stop in for tune-ups, half or full-day rentals, customized bike and seat-fitting services, accessory sales, and regional biking information. Take a moment to chat while we tune your bike until it’s good as new. The model we’re striving towards is similar to Bike Works in Seattle or the Boise Bicycle Project in Idaho, but unique to the Tri-Cities.

Want to help support Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop?

Bike donation/recycle program

Wheelhouse accepts donations of pre-loved, pre-cycled, used, and new bicycles and equipment. Our mission is to support cycling in the Tri-Cities and to make cycling affordable and fun; therefore we strive to rebuild donated bicycles for members of our community that need bicycles the most.

All bicycles donated are either sold as-is for a nominal price, refurbished and sold for a nominal price plus the cost to refurbish, refurbished and donated, or recycled if in serious disrepair or pose a safety issue. All proceeds go towards our programming, keeping refurbished bicycle prices affordable, and operational expenses.